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#AuthenticSpark is an Instagram community centered around being more intentional and less curated.

Aren’t you sick of the Instagram algorithm game? The constant following and unfollowing? The perfectly curated feeds that look like Vogue ads? And the gnawing feeling of inferiority you get watching other people’s numbers skyrocket as you refresh your feed constantly, hoping for more likes?

Me too.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: up until quite recently, I was one of those people that had a perfectly curated feed of bright, white flatlays. While I enjoyed the cohesive look, my photos were, in a word, lifeless.

I was just posting pictures of whatever I could slap down on my white sheets, or whatever I thought would get me likes. There was no joy or creativity behind it, and it wasn’t long until I felt completely burnt out.

I took a step back from Instagram and realized that what I was looking for was a community that I could grow and build alongside of. I wanted authentic engagement, and I wanted to share and see photos of real life. These “quick fixes” and bot services and fancy methods just weren’t working for me.

So that’s where #AuthenticSpark comes in. I created this hashtag to be a community geared towards lifting each other up and inspiring each other, all while helping people build their audience and followers more authentically.

To kick it off, I’m hosting a FREE weeklong challenge all about how to be more intentional on Instagram.

Are you in?

Sign up here for the challenge, and get access to our exclusive Facebook community and a free workbook chock full of Instagram content ideas, nearly 500 hashtags to swipe, and other quick tips about creating a beautiful, authentic community on Instagram.

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