Interior Inspiration // Minimalist Bohemian

Since I’m gearing up to move into my first post-grad apartment at the end of the month, I’ve been hitting the Pinterest home decor boards pretty hard lately. Of course, the reality is, I won’t end up replacing all my furniture or totally redoing my space, but I can still dream right?

I’ve decided that my style nowadays is somewhere between minimalist and bohemian. It’s a weird

Here are some of my favorite spaces serving as serious inspiration as I get ready to move.

Via Lindsay McMullen on Instagram

Via Velvet Sugar

Via Kate La Vie

Via Urban Outfitters

Via Design Sponge

Via Kate La Vie

Via Darling Magazine

What are your design inspirations?

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  • This is seriously so gorgeous!! My design goals honestly wow!
    Thanks for sharing this post and sparking inspiration in my mind. I am moving into a brand new apartment in a little over a month and I am starting to plan how I will decorate and design my place. 🙂