12 Lifestyle Instagrammers to Follow in 2017

So it’s no secret that I really love Instagram. The one thing I have continued to do as I took an unexpected break from blogging was to work on my Instagram feed aesthetic and photos. I’ve really enjoyed creating an aesthetic around my photos and working to produce better and better content.

And because of that, I’ve spent a lot more time on the app as a whole and found a lot of really incredible accounts that always inspire me. So today I thought I’d share a few of my favorite lifestyle Instagram accounts!

At this point, probably everyone knows about Kate Arends from Wit and Delight. After all, she’s had home decor lines in Target. But I’m so obsessed with the tile backsplash in her kitchen. Her house seems so bright and airy and she’s one of those people that always seems to have the coolest life.

I’ve loved Mandy’s blog A Girl, Obsessed since I first found it back in 2015. Her photos are always so bright and crisp and clean, and she has the cutest little handmade knits shop with tons of cozy scarves and hats.

A photo posted by Katy Belle (@katybellemairs) on

Honestly, Katy’s Instagram photos are my ideal aesthetic. They’re so bright but still moody and ethereal. Plus I love her hair and her lipstick is always on point.

A photo posted by Rebecca 🐝 (@fromrosesxo) on

Rebecca’s feed is bright, white and fabulous. She’s been mixing darker photos in recently and I really dig the juxtaposition too.

A photo posted by KATE LA VIE (@kate.lavie) on

Kate is the queen of flatlays. Her feed is entirely white, gold and blush pink and every shot of her apartment looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Seriously. I want her life.

A photo posted by Rebecca (@aclotheshorse) on

Rebecca from A Clothes Horse has been one of my favorite bloggers and Instagrammers for a long time now. Her outfits are always completely adorable (seriously, her closet must be massive) and she finds the perfect settings for each of her shots. And her hair is always always amazing.

A photo posted by Steffy ❤ (@steffyspandcs) on

Steffy is another one of those people whose house and wardrobe are always seriously on point. Every photo she posts of her house looks like it came straight from Urban Outfitters. Plus she just had a baby boy and he’s the cutest thing ever.

A photo posted by Sarah ☁️ (@wispsoflight) on

How fun is this photo?! I just love the framing. Sarah always posts the most gorgeous scenic shots and every one of her photos has the same golden ethereal glow around it. I’ve gotta know what filters she uses.

A photo posted by Olivia (@clockworkbibliophile) on

Olivia’s whole feed looks super cozy and cheerful. Plus she posts a ton of Harry Potter related stuff, so I’m always down for that.

A photo posted by Jess 📚 (@jessmegale) on

Jess is another book Instagrammer with a super cozy aesthetic. I can’t get over the books/coffee cups/sweaters niche on Instagram tbh.

Honestly how gorgeous is this photo? For like a split second when I first saw it, I was convinced that she was actually a witch, the editing is so good. Her feed is so beautiful and cozy and homey.

A photo posted by — aitana 🍂 (@aitxna) on

This girl seriously knows how to rock a hat. Her hair is always gorgeous, and she has an adorable bunny named Lola. Sold.

What are your favorite Instagrammers?

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