DIY Faux Copper Rolling Garment Rack

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet recently, you’ll know that rolling garment racks are the next big thing, especially among those with whom closet space is a luxurious commodity.

I definitely liked the look of them, and while my closet is fairly spacious, somehow my wardrobe still manages to overpower it. So I decided to try my hand at making one myself, since all the ones I could find at stores were ridiculously expensive.

Urban Outfitters has two options, one for $98 and another for $500, respectively. Anthropologie has a similar piece, but it will cost you a pretty penny at $1500.

Pssst, guess what: I paid less than $50 for all this stuff, and a lot of that was incidentals that many people probably already have at home.


So here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 pieces of PVC pipe that are 3/4″ x 48″
  • 2 pieces of PVC pipe that are 3/4″ x 60″
  • 4 pieces of PVC pipe that are 3/4″ x 3″
  • 2 T-joint PVC connectors
  • 6 corner PVC connectors
  • 4 caster wheels
  • A 12″ x 48″ board
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Copper spray paint
  • PVC cement
  • Pipe saddles

I ended up having to cut my pieces down to size, so if you’re in the same boat, do that first (I just used a mini hacksaw).

From there, putting it together is pretty simple. I still haven’t decided if it’s best to paint the pipes before assembling them or not. I waited until it was all put together, and it was very cumbersome to deal with. You may wish to do it the other way!

As you can see, the bottom consists of two lengths of pipe that are 48″ long, four of the corner pieces, and then the two end caps are the two 3″ pieces with the T-connector in the middle. That should make a big rectangle, and from there, add the two longest lengths of pipe to the T-connectors. Add the last two corner connecters and the final 48″ pipe and you’ve got the main body done!

You’ll want to secure all the joints with the PVC cement to maximize the sturdiness of the structure. Just make sure you’re in a well ventilated area.

If you haven’t done so, take the structure outside and give it a few good coats of copper spray paint – I only bought one can and I was scrambling to make it last til the end, so you might want to spring for two.

After everything’s dry, you’ll want to attach the casters to the wooden board – make sure to measure so that they fit inside the piping underneath. I cheated and used superglue to attach them because I don’t have any power tools handy. It will work just as fine for now, but if you want a long term fix, I’d suggest going about it properly.

When that’s finished, use the pipe saddles (those little u-shaped metal things) to attach the piping to the underneath of the board.

And when it’s all put together, you should have a lovely new rolling clothes rack! I added a crate and a copper basket that I had lying around to store purses and such in. So far I’m in love – it’s a great way to store all of your favorite pieces close at hand, as well as a fun way to incorporate your wardrobe into your decor, especially for you small space dwellers.

DIY Faux Copper Rolling Garment Rack |

DIY Faux Copper Rolling Garment Rack |

DIY Faux Copper Rolling Garment Rack |

Would you ever make a rolling display rack like this?

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