DIY Painted Area Rug

I’ve been wanting to revamp my room for the longest time, and one of the best ways I could think to add some color was a nice area rug. I hate the standard brown flecked apartment carpet we have in our house, but at the same time, area rugs are so dang expensive. So, I decided to DIY my own and this was born!
I had originally planned to get a regular old plain rug and paint on that, but I had no such luck, so I proceeded to plan B. I bought 2 yards of canvas material, some sponge brushes, paint, and a rug gripper and was set to go!
-Canvas material (two yards worked perfectly for me, but you’ll have to measure appropriately)
-Paint (I just used all-purpose acrylic paint)
-Sponge brushes
-Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
-Rug gripper
-Cardstock to cut out a stencil
1. I started by sewing up the edges of the fabric so it wouldn’t fray everywhere. I just used a needle and thread since I didn’t feel like dragging the sewing machine out, but if you don’t have an hour to waste sewing by hand, I’d suggest the machine.

After that, it was pretty self explanatory – I cut out stencils for my desired design (I went with triangles) and traced them out with pencil. I decided on my color palette and got to work painting. 

I wanted a messy sort of handmade vibe to it anyhow, so I didn’t bother being too terribly precise or careful. However, if you want a more polished look, I’d suggest doing a couple of coats and maybe not using the sponge brushes if you have small corners or tight angles.

And voila! After an afternoon of painting, I had a wonderful, one of a kind area rug that really brightened up my room.

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