Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Work Smart: Smartbook by McGraw Hill (Sponsored)

Listen up college students! McGraw-Hill (yes, THAT one) has developed a new way to read and study textbooks - and it's about to take your college experience by storm.

It revolutionizes the way students read and study by highlighting the most important and impactful passages of the reading, and adapting to highlight the material that the student does or doesn't know as they engage with the smart book.

I can really see it helping the way I study, so I can't wait to learn more about it. And, to promote the amazing new smartbooks, they've released a hilarious video campaign. 

The first video, titled "How to Spit Smart Game and Charm the Opposite Sex" offers a clever perspective, urging students to work smarter. Check it out here, and watch this space for more amusing videos and info about this awesome new technology.

This post was sponsored by McGraw-Hill and compensation was provided. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Guest Post: How to Deal With Oily Summer Skin by Emma Elise

Hello, lovely readers of October June! I'm Emma, and I'll be guest posting for you today. I write about fashion, beauty, college life, and everything else over on my own blog, It's Emma Elise.

The warm weather is starting to arrive! While it's long overdue and much appreciated, the heat brings with it some not-so-nice beauty problems. And the most common complaint is about oily skin. No one wants that extra shine or greasy feeling to ruin your look! Here are some quick and easy tips to help you deal with oily skin in the warmer months.
  1. Know your skin type. Take notice of whether your skin is naturally oily, dry, combination, or sensitive. If you're unsure, try going a couple of days without any makeup or special skincare products. Knowing how your skin tends to act will make it easier for you to choose the best products to use.
  2. Remember to blot. Blotting sheets are an amazing thing. They are easy to carry on the go, and they're a super quick fix when dealing with any extra oiliness.
  3. Get creative. Don't be afraid to improvise if you're caught with oily skin and no blotting sheets. Tissues, toilet paper, napkins, toilet seat covers (yes, really!), and even the inside of your shirt can all act as temporary oil blotters.
  4. Be on time. If you're rushing to get somewhere, you're naturally going to sweat a bit more due to stress. Plus, if you have to speed-walk or run to your destination, you're definitely going to wind up with extra-oily skin. Plan ahead to avoid being late, and you'll avoid this mess altogether! Plus, you might even have time to duck into a bathroom for a quick touch-up.
  5. Sweat-and-shine-proof primer is your best friend. Don't waste your time, energy, or money by applying makeup that will melt away within the hour. Invest in a face primer to help your look survive all day long.
  6. Cut down on coverage. Don't cake on heavy foundation during the warmer months. Try a lighter coverage, such as a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.
  7. Switch out your winter foundation. You should have a different foundation for each season. Not only will your skin tone vary slightly, but you're fighting different skin problem-causers during each season.
  8. All SPF products are not created equal. Do your research to find the best sunscreen for your skin type. As a general rule, you want lightweight coverage, without sacrificing in SPF.
  9. Let your skin breathe. Give your skin a break every so often! Regularly enjoy a makeup-free days to give your skin time to recuperate.
  10. Let go, and stop stressing. Stress wrecks havoc on our skin. So stop stressing about your oily skin problems (along with everything else in life), and you're guaranteed to see some improvement!
I hope you enjoyed my beauty tips! Let me know if you stop by my blog or any of my social media sites. I love learning about my new readers!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Internship Style With Macy's MStylelab

It's that time of year again: the time when college students and young professionals are interviewing for and starting their first (or second, or third) internships! And of course, a big part about being in a professional environment is dressing (and acting) the part. Below are some of my favorite picks for a profesh environment from Macy's Mstylelab!



If your office (or wherever your internship is being held) is more of a business formal environment, then you would probably be best wearing dresses or skirts to work. As a general rule, a work skirt or dress should be on the conservative side. Nothing to revealing or too flashy. When in doubt, black is always classic. Pencil skirts, peplum, and monochrome colorblocking are all in for this spring's business looks.


Top: 1//2//3 Bottom: 1//2//3

Shoes can vary, but in general, a business formal environment would be more geared towards pumps. It all depends on your office. But make sure that no matter what you wear, you're comfortable! Especially if you're going all over the place running errands and getting coffee orders (though I hope your internship is more enriching than that).



Separates are best suited for a business casual environment (unless you're talking a pencil skirt and blouse, I suppose). If you wear pants, make sure they are dress pants or khakis. No jeans, unless your office has a casual Friday or similar policy! Also, when in doubt, blazers are the bread and butter of business separates. Add some flair with a brighter color underneath and some coordinating shoes!

General Tips:

>> Always, always, always know and follow your office's dress code. If you're unsure, just ask your supervisor or one of your coworkers! You won't look stupid, you'll look prepared. 

>> When in doubt, go with neutrals. Beige, blacks, browns, blues, whites - these things are timeless and give off a chic, business vibe.

>> Opt for put-together over couture runway. Comfort and function are key. Avoid looking sloppy, by all means, but you don't have to look like a model or a red carpet correspondent every day. Unless you happen to be working for Meryl Streep a la the Devil Wears Prada. (Or you actually are a red carpet correspondent).

>> Keep jewelry conservative. A stylish statement necklace may be one thing, but again, don't be dripping with jewels every day. It comes across as gaudy and trying too hard. Keep it to the minimum unless it really coordinates with your outfit and you know your work environment is conducive to it.

I can't even believe the amount of cute business-casual clothes Macy's has in their Mstylelab, so make sure to check it out before your interview or first day at your internship!

For more info, visit www.macyscampustour.com or check out #macyscampustour!

This post is sponsored by Macy's, but as usual, all opinions are my own. This is the final post in a series of six for the Macy's Campus Tour Campaign.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Showers Playlist + Sponsor October June

Guys. It's finally April. Spring is just around the corner, if not already here for some of us.

And that means: it's time to purchase your ad space for the month of April! I've recently redone my Sponsor page, so you should definitely go check out the re-dux. Some highlights include:

//Last month//

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If you have a blog, shop, Etsy store, Youtube channel, or small business, and would like to be part of an exciting and quickly growing website, then I'm your gal!

I currently am offering one ad size, a 200x200 spot on my sidebar. All ads include a group sponsor spotlight, optional guest post opportunity, comments on all your new blog posts, and social media promotion!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, go check it out here!

And to top it all of, here's a lovely playlist for the month of April!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Modcloth's Uniquely You Campaign: Beach Dreamin'

I was beyond excited when I was contacted by Modcloth, one of my absolute favorite brands, to participate in their Uniquely You Campaign. They provided me with a photo of one of their gorgeous bathing suits, and I designed an outfit using other items in their store.

The featured item this week was the Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in Soft Black. I absolutely love the retro vibe of the suit, and that's sort of what I went off of. 

As soon as I saw the picture, I was dreaming about sandy beaches and warm sun and basically all around longing for those long summer days.

I went off the retro feel of the suit with the fun Cat Eye Cutie sun glasses - I feel like cat eyes are a summer staple nowadays. The gold Oh Why Knot earrings added a classic, knot-ical (I'm not sorry) touch as well as the big Day to Daylight sunhat, another item that is absolutely on my wishlist for this summer.

I wanted to add a fun little pop of color, so I chose the lustworthy Cambridge satchel (seriously I've wanted this bag for ages now) in a bright sunny yellow, with the Outer Bank on It sandals to match.

The Houseboat Tunic added a dreamy, romantic vibe and would serve as the perfect beach cover up when you decide you've had enough of the sea-side and wander into town for an ice cream cone or some fries from the boardwalk.

And to top it all off, the Collected Works of Jane Austen to combine two of my favorite things - Mr. Darcy and reading on the beach.

I love this dreamy, retro look to carry you through the dog days of summer (not that anyone would mind that right now). I can't wait to feel the warm sun and the salty air on my skin. 

A huge thank you to Modcloth and Wanelo! Check out my storyboard at Wanelo here and make sure to look at Modcloth's amazing collection of swimwear for the season!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Outfit Post: Chasing the Sun

Dress - BeBop (c/o Macy's for the Macy's Campus Tour)

Jacket - Charlotte Russe (similar)

Boots - Rue 21 (similar)

It's starting to warm up finally! Well, it certainly wasn't warm when we took these pictures a couple weeks ago, but it was nearly 60 two days this week, so I'm mostly a happy camper. 

I got this snazzy tribal print dress from Macy's for the #MacysCampusTour campaign a few weeks ago, and I love it! It's breezy, and it's super cute, but it's comfortable and casual enough to wear to classes or just hanging out. 

I paired it with this fun denim jacket for a bit of spring flair (and wishful thinking, it was COLD that day!). 

I'm very much looking forward to even warmer weather, so I can wear this dress even more ways. It's sleeveless and has a collar and a belt as well. It's so cute! Plus tribal print is really popular this season. It's just fun!

For more info, visit www.macyscampustour.com or check out #macyscampustour!

This post is sponsored by Macy's, but as usual, all opinions are my own. This is the fifth post in a series of six for the Macy's Campus Tour Campaign.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Importance of Self Care

Do you ever have those days where you just feel like the simple act of caring about things is too exhausting to deal with? You know, the slow, lethargic ones, where you can't do anything but sit in bed and alternate between staring at your computer and staring out the window. You can feel it sort of just seep into your body until you feel completely bogged down, whether it be sadness, or restlessness, or just a sense of exhaustion that you can feel in your bones. There's no reason for it, there's no pattern; it can happen on a bright, sunny Tuesday morning just as easily as it can on a dark, rainy Sunday afternoon. 

I'm not pretending to be an expert on things like this; there are many times that I don't succeed in pulling myself out of it, at least not right away. I also know that I have a tendency to wallow in the feeling when I get like this; I listen to sad playlists, or read books and watch movies that I know will make me upset. However, it's not healthy to completely envelop yourself in the feeling for an extended amount of time either. It just prolongs it and makes it harder to snap out of the funk and get back to your normal self.

Over the years, there are some techniques I've learned, mostly through trial and error, that can help shift you out of your restless agitation and back into a happier version of yourself. Again, I'm not an expert - these are just some things that help me sometimes. I figured I'd share them in case any of you lovely people ever feel like I do and want to do something about it.

>> Cry it out. I know, I said not to wallow, but sometimes you need to do a bit of it, just to get it out of your system. Just let it all out, and I nearly guarantee that you'll feel better at the end of it. 

>> Do something that makes you happy. Yeah, I know, big fat duh, right? Well, sometimes it's hard to remember that when you're in the throes of an existential crisis. Read a good book, make yourself a cup of tea, snuggle up in some blankets, watch a movie, something that makes you happy! But do make sure it isn't a movie/book/television show that's going to make you feel sad or upset. Sometimes I do that because I'm dumb. It's whatever.

>> Treat yo' self. No but seriously. This one can get tricky, because you certainly don't want to go overboard. There's a difference between once in a while and "I've decided to fill the hole in my life with online shopping." But if you're feeling down, buy something small to cheer yourself up. A new lipstick, a book you've been wanting to read, even just a latte or something next time you're out. 

>> Break routine. If you've been lying in bed all day, staring blankly at an entire season of The Office on your Netflix Instant Queue is great, but... when you're already feeling down, burying yourself in the semi-darkness of your bedroom can perpetuate the feeling. If it's a nice day outside, go for a walk, go get a cup of coffee somewhere, do something else. If it's not very nice weather, at least relocate - go to the library, or to your favorite coffee shop. Get some reading done or, heaven forbid, catch up on homework.

>> Do stuff even if you don't want to. Make plans with your friends, go get some exercise. Get those endorphins moving. It might sound awful and exhausting and not fun at all when your friend calls you up and asks you to come out, but say yes anyway. Get dressed up, do your hair, experiment with your lipstick color. You're young, life is great, live it up a little. I can bet that after 10 minutes with your friends, you'll have forgotten ever feeling so awful in the first place. 

>> Find someone you can talk to. Be it a friend, roommate, relative, parent, medical professional, teacher, school counselor... the list goes on and on. Find someone that you can trust and feel comfortable around, and let them know how you're feeling. Often, laying it all out, just talking about what you feel, even if you don't know why or how or what's causing it can help. 

Again, these are not cure-all solutions, and they may not work for everyone. If you feel this way often, if it starts to disrupt your life, please seek professional help if it's at all possible. There are plenty of resources available for you, including information from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and both the American Psychiatric and American Psychological Associations.

I know these last dregs of winter are hard on some people, myself included, so make sure to take care of yourselves, and don't get stretched too thin. And remember, spring is right around the corner (supposedly!).
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