July 22, 2014

Geek Chic with Beacon by Warby Parker

Hello, friends! I was very excited when Warby Parker contacted me to help them announce their newest eyewear collection to the world!

I've been a wearer of glasses since I was about seven years old, so you can bet I've had my fair share of frames. And, well, there's not a great way to say this... sometimes glasses don't look that great.

But Warby Parker has found a way to make glasses, well, cool again. Their new Beacon collection - four styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses in all - is inspired by all the best parts of being young, wild, and free.

From their one sheet:

"Our Beacon collection is inspired by impromptu, can't-duplicate-them all-nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities. [...] The collection name is a hat-tip to the morning star, which you can catch just after sunset or just before sunrise, depending on the time of the year. We designed our Beacon collection frames to make a similarly fine companion to late night dates, rooftop sunrises, and everything in between."
 I just love that! It sounds like my Pinterest boards come to life. So, I thought I'd share a few ways to style these fantastic new frames, since Warby Parker is making brainy the new sexy. (Sherlock reference anyone?)

Geek Goes Grunge

I just love the flannel shirt/combat boots combination, and I honestly can't wait til fall to start rocking it again (don't hate me).

The frames featured here are Warby Parker's McKee style in Whiskey Tortoise.

Shop the look: tee//boots//jeans//flannel//bag//lipstick//ring//mug

Prep School Drop Out

I love all the fun, preppy details in this. And I'm really digging that cardigan, no lie.

These frames are Warby Parker's Garrett in Oak Barrel. 

Shop the look: jeans//cardigan//tee//tote//watch//shoes

New Century Nancy Drew

Okay, I had a little bit too much fun with this one. Yes, that is a magnifying glass necklace. I would straight up wear this every day, though. And I really want that dress.

These frames are Warby Parker McKee in Moonstone.

Shop this look: dress//tights//shoes//barrettes//bag//necklace

You can check out - and try on - Warby Parker's whole line of eyeglasses here! Which ones of the Beacon collection are your favorite?

Product images and quoted text provided by Warby Parker. All opinions - as always - are my own.

July 21, 2014

The Weekly

This post was supposed to be published yesterday, but life had other ideas. Anyways, here's a peek at what I was up to this past week.

I got some new watercolors and decided to try my hand at painting for the first time in way too long:

This was my outfit of the day Saturday, rocking a definite 90s vibe:

It was my best friend's birthday that same day, so I cross-stitched her a heart warming message. I'm thinking of starting an Etsy shop of mainly cross stitched rap lyrics. More on that as it develops:

I woke up one morning to see some very pretty sunlight streaming in through the window, so I had the presence of mind to grab my phone and snap a picture before falling back to sleep:

I had some iced coffee in a mason jar on a sunny morning, and I guess I couldn't resist taking a picture. I mean, I could have. But I didn't:

What kind of shenanigans have you been up to this week?


July 16, 2014

October June Branding

Hello friends! As you may have noticed, I've been making a few changes around here again. I just can't make my mind up! 

One of the big things I worked on while I was on my little blogging break was a re-design and re-brand for the site, and I, for one, love it! I nearly freaked out when I thought my computer had crashed right after I'd put the finishing touches on it. It was not a pretty scene. Luckily, though, the Universe's sense of humor isn't that sick, and all was well!

I thought I'd share with you today a bit of my branding process and inspiration for the new look. I'm continuing to tweak and add things to it on the site (a bit of a soft release, if you will, which is a PR term that always sounds vaguely dirty to me) - but this is my final product as it stands:

I actually had a lot of fun creating this inspiration and branding board, and it was really helpful to visualize how everything was fitting together and where it was coming from. If you're branding or re-branding your blog, I would highly recommend making one of these!

I think the part that was the most fun - and oddly enough, the most difficult - was finding images and words that captured how I wanted my blog to feel and what I wanted readers to take away. I went really abstract with it, after reading through several branding guides, and I'm happy with what I came up with!

I hope you like the new branding, and are having a fabulous week!

July 14, 2014

Travel Journal: #MONUMENTOUR

Let me begin this post by telling you a story: once upon a time, a confused and angsty little 12 year old Lizzie was sitting in 6th grade computer class. She was looking through the archive of songs on the school's ancient computer to add to the (undoubtedly) super awesome video she was making when she came across a song called "Here We Go Again" by a band named Paramore.

Fast forward a couple months to her 13th birthday, when she used her plethora of iTunes gift cards to purchase the band's two albums and the rest is, well, history.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, it's a really long and fancy way of saying that last week, I finally had the chance, after 8 whole years, to see my absolute favorite band in concert. I mean it when I say that this was a huge, huge deal for me. 

See, I have always loved music, all kinds of it. Though I've never learned to play an instrument (yet) and my singing voice is solidly average on a good day, music has always been one of my greatest loves. And for whatever reason, I really connected with Paramore's songs and lyrics, and continue to do so to this day.

I realized while standing in line at the concert venue, that I can practically tell the story of the last 8 years of my life in Paramore songs, from my first kiss to my third year of college.

In middle school, Paramore was the gateway drug that introduced me to Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! at the Disco (with a little help from my best friend), which in turn gave way to the black eyeshadow and the beat up Chuck Taylors and the wardrobe entirely comprised of Hot Topic tee shirts. 

When I was 16, I fell in love to the tune of "The Only Exception" and, three years later, fell back out of it with "That's What You Get" playing in the background. I faced my college years head on, sarcastically humming "Ain't It Fun" and had "Last Hope" stuck in my head the day I made the Hail Mary pass that was changing my major. "Ignorance" was the first song I remember blaring from my car speakers the June day I finally got my driver's license, and "Future" was playing softly on the radio as I drove away from home for the first time, with all my things crammed in the backseat.

It's just funny to me, as I reflect on this past almost-decade, how much something that I thought was so insignificant has impacted my life. Fall Out Boy was at the concert too, and it was amazing, as they'd had nearly as much of an impact, though I'd failed to notice it before that night.

I guess, what I'm saying is, if you ever have the chance to see a musician that has impacted your life in such a way, take it without another thought, no matter how many years it's been, no matter what. Trust me when I say, it will feel like a religious experience.

And maybe this band isn't groundbreaking. And maybe they'll never be rock and roll royalty. But these songs are my personal history. It's all there, in the liner notes of the well-worn CDs, from "Here We Go Again" to "Ain't It Fun" - and I think that's something really magical, if I do say so myself.

Obligatory hipster-road-trip-John-Green-book picture.

I was wearing the same shirt as Hayley Williams in the promo pictures.

Completely genuine freak out. I think I was screaming "OH MY GOD THAT'S THEM."

Ooh, blurry silhouettes. Too cool.

I will always and forever want to be her.


I swear I was just as excited about Fall Out Boy, who rocked really hard. But a.) our batteries were dying and b.) we're going to see them again in August so they don't feel neglected.
Some of these pictures were taken by my fantastic friends, Kaitlyn and Sammy, because my phone battery died about 10 minutes into Paramore's set. It was just too excited.


July 12, 2014

EAT: Iced Coffee Float

If there are two things I love, it's coffee and ice cream (can I get an amen?). Since it's summery and warm out, hot coffee isn't always the greatest option when I need a little caffeine fix. So I thought, why not combine two of my favorite things into the greatest culmination of iced coffee I've ever seen (in my, er, humble opinion).

Behold, the iced coffee float:

It couldn't be simpler, really. You get your iced coffee (mine is the Starbucks brand, which came from the creamer and dairy section of the grocery store), add however many scoops of vanilla ice cream you want, and pour the iced coffee over it until you get a delightful concoction of creamy iced coffee goodness.

I even added a splash of my favorite Bailey's Irish Cream coffee creamer (non-alcoholic, but I certainly wouldn't blame you for spicing it up a bit). It was beyond heavenly!